Rino Borini

Digitale Vision gesucht!

Die digitale Transformation bringt nicht nur eine Veränderung der Unternehmensstruktur, sondern einen grossen Wandel für jeden Mitarbeiter. Es reicht nicht, wenn eine Bank eine digitale Vision hat. Sie muss von jedem Mitarbeiter gelebt werden.

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Writing the future of Banking

Am 28. Mai findet im Kosmos Zürich die 7. Ausgabe der Finance 2.0 statt. Hier lesen Sie, was die Besucher dieses Jahr von der Fintech Konferenz erwartet.

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„Decentralized systems are just better technology“

Since the end of 2017, the crypto markets have been in a bear market. Was that to be expected? Arthur (right side): During the hype from mid-2017 onwards, a lot of fiat money flowed into the crypto world. When the Bitcoin price reached its all-time high of 20,000 dollars, it was obvious that this could… Read more »

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„The Swiss franc is a tightrope act“

You have been proclaiming the failure of the Swiss franc. What makes you think one of the most valued currencies in the world is bound to fail? Because for about four years now, there is a perverse incentive for anyone holding big cash balances in Swiss francs to dump the currency at will: the 0.75… Read more »

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