November 14, 2017

The future of Wealth & Asset Management


The digital transformation is radically reshaping the Wealth and Asset Management sector. One of the most eminent future trend is: Shifting from provider-centricity to customer-centricity, from customer relationship management (CRM) to customer managed relationship (CMR).

Digitalization essentially means that traditional value chains will be divided up into several parts, where third-party provider and start-ups cut out a specific piece of the value chain. Will Apple, Amazon, Google & Co. push established asset managers to the fringes of what used to be their métier? And what future role will WealthTech start-ups play? Moreover, Open Banking is also becoming ever more relevant in Private Banking.

At the end of the day, the winner in all of this will be the customer: He will be able to choose the products and services he likes. So, what’s to do next? Many questions still need to be answered.

On November 14, 2017, leading experts are going to talk about these topics at Kosmos Zürich.

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Welcome to Finance 2.0
by the Host of the Day Christina Lamprecht
Is wealth management facing it’s Kodak Moment?
Nine Trends shaping the future of managing assets Robert Ruttmann
Wealth Management - 3 non-obvious ways to success
Traditional or Open Banking – how to operate the Wealth Manager of the future? André Brunner
From ring-fenced silos to connecting the dots
Digitalisation will lead to a break up of traditional value chains within Wealth Management Martin Stadler
UBS WM Innovation Lab - Rethinking Wealth Management
Peter Ivankay & Gregor Heller
Coffee Break

How Machines learn from Humans
Artificial Intelligence in Equity Research Lee Davidson
Panel: Mastering the core of wealth management with RegTech
David Bundi (Hypothekarbank Lenzburg), Maria Leistner (UBS), Patrick Hunger (Saxo Bank) Ingo Rauser
Crossborder Banking Digitally Mastered
Ralf Huber
Digitalization of Wealth Management - why a fancy frontend is not enough
Chris Bartz
Marketplace Lending Investments: Why investors demand an institutional solution?
Innovation on stage Rafael Karamanian
3rd pillar how it should be - easy to use and inexpensive.
Innovation on stage Daniel Peter & Jonas Gusset
Closing remarks

Cool Down: Drinx. Chat. Network

Kosmos Zurich



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Lagerstrasse 102
CH-8004 Zurich

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André Brunner
Capco Switzerland
André Brunner is a Partner at Capco Zurich and leads the Digital & Technology Practice of Capco Switzerland. André managed various digital transformation programs and focusses on the transition of enterprise strategies to tangible digital value propositions. He has a profound business and IT delivery background. Before joining Capco, André manged the IT EMEA project portfolio at Credit Suisse.
Robert Ruttmann
Think Tank «Redesigning Financial Services»
Robert is the founder of Redesigning Financial Services, an interdisciplinary think tank established by the University of St Gallen, ETH and EY, dedicated to accelerating the structural transformation in the financial sector in the interests of the end client. Prior to this, Robert worked in the financial services sector for over 10 years, most recently leading a team of cross-asset strategists in Julius Baer’s Investment Office. Robert is also a member of the advisory panel to the Swiss Federal Council on International Development.
Peter Ivankay
Innovation Project Manager
Peter Ivankay manages innovation projects in the wealth management division of UBS. His projects are focused on Digital Identity, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence which he has specific expertise in. Peter is also spearheading educational initiatives around Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies within the organization. Prior to joining UBS, he was involved in the research of distributed ledger technologies and speaker at the official Hyperledger conference in Zurich. Previously, he worked in the corporate finance advisory departments of Deloitte and KBC Group. Peter Ivankay holds a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen, completing part of his studies in Digital Business at the IE Business School. Further, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Economics.

Gregor Heller

Gregor Heller manages innovation projects within the wealth management division of UBS. His main focus is research and communication of projects and of the WM Innovation lab as a whole. Gregor is also involved in projects related to Sustainable Investing. He has 4+ years of experience in Wealth Management at UBS as a Client Advisor Assistant and trainee in Basel, Geneva, Dubai and most recently in London as a Business Manager.

Patrick Hunger
Saxo Bank (Switzerland)
Patrick Hunger was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) in September 2016. In his role he is overall responsible for growing the business for active traders, investors and wholesale clients, and for positioning Saxo Bank as partner in digital transformation. Patrick joined Saxo Bank (Switzerland) in early 2016 as General Counsel and member of the management board. Prior he worked for Credit Suisse Trust AG for several years, most recently as General Counsel and member of the management board. Before that he served as Corporate Legal Counsel for both, UBS Investment Bank and the Swiss National Bank.

David Bundi
Hypothekarbank Lenzburg
Chief Compliance Officer
David Bundi is currently working as Chief Compliance Officer at the highly innovative Swiss Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and as advisory board member of Corlytics and Qumram, two of the leading RegTech firms globally. Before joining Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, he worked in compliance for UBS in Switzerland and in the US and ealier in legal & compliance for Swiss private banks. David has an international legal education in Swiss, EU, UK and some US law. He speaks five languages and has broad in-depth technical knowledge of compliance and risk-related IT tools. He is an active member of the global RegTech community and enjoys travelling to FinTech innovation conferences around the globe."
Maria Leistner
General Counsel Wealth Management
Maria Leistner is currently the General Counsel for Wealth Management for UBS‎, as well as EMEA General Counsel, based in Zurich. She joined UBS in May 2016 after spending 13 years with Credit Suisse, in London, most recently as their General Counsel for International Wealth management, General Counsel for EMEA (including Compliance) and Co-General Counsel for Investment Banking. Prior to that, she was in the private practice with leading international law firms in London and Paris.‎ Her leadership in her various general counsel roles has been recognised in numerous awards for her and her teams.
Ingo Rauser
Ingo Rauser is a Partner based in Capco`s office in Zurich. He has profound expertise in both Banking and Finance, Risk and Compliance. He has well over a decade of experience in the consulting industry, with a strong focus on banking and wealth management. He combines specialist knowledge in the planning and execution of large global change programs with business transformation experience of regulatory, tax and legal topics. He led diverse projects in the area of design and delivery of complex technology transformation programs.
Martin Stadler

Martin is Flynt`s first ambassador and responsible for Business Development. He is igniting and multiplying Flynt`s vision, mission and offer in the first row. He is responsible for onboarding, networking, curating and walking with Flynt`s clients in any matters, at any time and any place. In close contact with the business and marketing team and being the „clients advocate“, Martin co-creates Flynt product architecture, always focusing on added-value. Martin brings 20 years of international experience at UBS Wealth Management in different senior roles, advising UHNW clients and their family offices in St. Gallen, Geneva, Singapore and Zurich. Thanks to his reliability and integrity, Martin has built and is still building an exceptional, personal client network.
Lee Davidson
Head of Quantitative Research
Lee Davidson, CFA, is head of quantitative research for Morningstar. He leads a team dedicated to developing innovative statistical models and data points. His team has implemented solutions for risk analysis, risk decomposition, stress testing, and synthetic equity research. The team’s current and future R&D pipeline is comprised of projects related to fund, equity, and fixed income analytics utilizing techniques from econometrics, machine learning, and robotics process automation.
Ralf Huber
Ralf has over 16 years of legal and compliance experience within the financial industry and holds a Master in Law from the University of Zurich. Starting his compliance career at Zürcher Kantonalbank, Ralf went on to perform a variety of different legal and compliance roles at Credit Suisse between 2005 and 2016, both in Switzerland and abroad. In his last role at Credit Suisse, Ralf managed a lawyer team covering all legal and compliance tasks for the investment services and products, asset management and mutual funds business in Switzerland. Ralf has always been passionate about standardisation and leveraging technology to simplify the demands of modern legal and compliance work.
Chris Bartz
CEO & Co-Founder
Chris Bartz is CEO & Co-Founder of Elinvar. With 20 years experience working in the financial industry, he brings in-depth knowledge and a strong focus on creating customer value to his role as the first point of contact for the asset managers and private banks who are Elinvar’s partners. Driven by the goal to reshape finance for the better, he is an advocate for the benefits of digitalization and a strong ecosystem for fintech and digital banking. Chris is Chairman of the Working Group FinTechs & Digital Banking at Bitkom, Member of the Advisory Council of the Investitionsbank Berlin and Member of the FinTechRat of the Federal Ministry of Finance.
Dr. Jonas Gusset
Co-Founder & CIO
Jonas Gusset is Co-Founder and the CIO of VIAC AG, where he is responsible for the technical implementation and further development in research and portfolio management. He holds a PhD in Financial Market Theory from the University of Basel. Before joining VIAC, Jonas worked in the Research and Investment Solutions unit at a Kantonalbank.
Rafael Karamanian
CEO & Founder
Rafael is a founding partner of Lendity where he leads business development and strategic partnerships. Before Lendity, Rafael was the Business Developer at Credit Suisse responsible, among other things, of major lending activities. Before that, he held different positions at Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking and Private Banking divisions. Rafael holds an MBA degree from Babson College and HEC with a concentration in entrepreneurship and Finance"
Ali Masarwah
Ali Masarwah, M. A., is a member of Morningstar's European Editorial Research Team and is also editor-in-chief for the personal finance websites of Morningstar Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After his traineeship at the financial newswire ADX in Berlin, he headed up the fund editorial department at the financial news agency vwd. In 2003, Ali moved to the portfolio Verlagsgesellschaft, Frankfurt, a publishing business specialized on B2B finance magazines and websites where he was initially responsible for the magazine "portfolio international". From 2006 until his move to Morningstar in autumn 2011 he held the overall editorial team leadership and was responsible for all journalistic formats of the portfolio Verlagsgesellschaft.
Daniel Peter
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Peter is Co-Founder and the CEO of VIAC AG, a Lucerne based Swiss fintech start up in the field of robo-investing and retirement planning, which he started out of his own desire for a smarter pension solution. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of St. Gallen in Business Innovation. Before founding his own company, Daniel worked in the fields of Asset and Relationship Management.
Christina Lamprecht
Kommunikationsatelier GmbH
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Christina is the co-founder and managing partner of Kommunikationsatelier, an agency for corporate communication, brand communication and product communication based in Zurich. Prior to this, Christina has worked in a great variety of different roles for companies like Adecco Switzerland, Stiftung RgZ, The Adecco Group, City of Zurich and several communication agencies, gaining a wealth of experience in all forms of communication. She has a Master's degree in Communication Management and Leadership.
Marc P. Bernegger
Serial Web-, Fintech- & Crypto-Entrepreneur
Host Finance 2.0
In 1999 Marc co-founded the party-plattform and sold it to Axel Springer Media. He is co-founder of amiando, a ticketing-plattform, which was bought by Xing and has been awarded by WEF as a “Global Technology Pioneer”. Since 2010, Marc is active as a fintech investor. He is in the advisory board of FinLeap, partner at Next Generation Invest, co-founder of Finance 2.0 and he is board member of Falcon Private Bank, Crypto Fund and Greater Zurich Area. Marc was awarded as «100 most successful people under 40 in Switzerland» by BILANZ in 2015.
Rino Borini
financialmedia AG
Founder & Host Finance 2.0
Rino is the co-founder and CEO of financialmedia AG. The independent media company releases different publications which cover economical and financial topics. The company organizes, furthermore, many events and conferences. However, Rino's professional background is in the financial industry. He worked in different leading positions. He is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and he acquired in his past career fundamental knowledge in banking and capital investments.

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Robert Ruttmann: Nine Trends shaping the future of managing assets
André Brunner: Wealth Management – 3 non-obvious ways to success
Martin Stadler:  From ring-fenced silos to connecting the dots (not available)
Peter Ivankay & Gregor Heller: UBS WM Innovation – Rethinking Wealth Management
Lee Davidson: How Machines learn from Humans (Video)
Ralf Huber: Crossborder Banking Digitally Mastered (not available -> visit Apiax)
Chris Bartz: Digitalization of Wealth Management
Rafael Karamanian: Marketplace Lending Investments: Why investors demand an institutional solution?
Daniel Peter & Jonas Gusset: 3rd pillar how it should be – easy to use and inexpensive (not available -> visit Viac)

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